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The Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, design, and construction of the city's streets and traffic signals, as well as the storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water systems. This department also works with state, regional and county agencies on the planning and construction of road and sewer projects.

If you are not certain where to direct your question, please contact (651) 714-3593 or

Name Position Email Phone
Louise Clark Administrative Assistant (651) 714-3593
Chris Hartzell Engineering Director (651) 714-3593
Michael Hejna Engineer I (651) 714-3593
Teresa Keller Senior Engineering Project Coordinator (651) 714-3593
Tony Kutzke City Engineer (651) 714-3593
Angela McCarver Administrative Assistant (651) 714-3593
Doug Peterson Project Coordinator (651) 714-3593
Jennifer McLoughlin Sustainability Specialist 651-714-3593
Kristin Seaman Environmental Resources Specialist (651) 714-3593
Warren Tracy Senior Engineering Project Coordinator (651) 714-3593
Ryan Hoefs Principal Engineer (651) 714-3593
Emily Stephens Water Resources Engineer (651) 714-3593