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Home Energy Squad offering discounted audits for homeowners

home energy squad ir cameraIs your home optimized for energy savings? Now is a great time to find out!

The City of Woodbury is partnering with a local nonprofit, Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), to offer discounted Home Energy Squad enhanced visits to Woodbury homeowners. The enhanced visit program evaluates homes for energy efficiency opportunities.

The program is available to old and new homes. For only $70, you can expect the following items to be installed during your Home Energy Squad visit:

  • LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs
  • Weather-stripping on leaky doors and attic hatches
  • A programmable thermostat for those that don't yet have one (or some may want to try a smart thermostat)
  • High efficiency faucet aerators and showerheads
  • An insulated water heater blanket

While these items are being installed, one of CEE's certified auditors will analyze your home's potential for additional efficiency upgrades. The assessment includes:

  • A blower door test to calculate air leakage
  • Infrared imaging of heat loss areas
  • Inspection of your attic
  • Carbon monoxide combustion safety test

Once the inspection is completed, the Home Energy Squad will prepare a customized report about your home and make specific recommendations for next steps. CEE also offers an energy advisor service to answer questions, discuss rebates and contractors.

The service is valued at $600 but is available to Woodbury residents at a cost of $70 (regularly at a cost of $100). The visit is also offered at no cost to income qualified households. To schedule an appointment, visit the Home Energy Squad website or call 651-328-6221.