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Roundabout reminders

RoundaboutWorried about navigating one of the roundabouts in Woodbury? There's really no need for concern - as long as you remember key steps:

  1. Reduce your speed as you approach the roundabout. The recommended speed limit is posted on yellow signs. If you exceed the recommended speed limit and cause a crash, you could be cited.
  2. Make sure you're in the appropriate lane as you enter the roundabout; do not change lanes inside the roundabout.
  3. Just before entering the roundabout, be sure to watch for any pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  4. Before entering the roundabout you MUST yield to all vehicles that are already in the roundabout.
  5. When there is a safe gap in all lanes of crossing traffic, proceed into the intersection, keeping to the right of the center island.
  6. Once you've safely entered the roundabout, you have the right of way. When you have reached your desired exit point, check for pedestrians and proceed out.

Roundabouts are constructed at intersections to reduce accidents that result in injuries and/or serious damage to vehicles. They also ease congestion and decrease traffic delays.

Most roundabout crashes are caused by a driver's failure to yield when entering the roundabout and improper lane use. 

To become more confident about using a roundabout, study the easy steps and lane guidelines on the illustration showing a multi-lane roundabout similar to the one at the Radio Drive and Bailey Road intersection.

Additional information is available at Washington County's Roundabout U.