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Winter is here: parking regulations in effect

Snow plowingHere are a few ways homeowners can help ensure a safe, efficient snow plowing season:

Follow winter parking regulations 
Woodbury’s winter parking regulations – banning on-street parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. – are in effect as of Nov. 1. The parking restrictions, which are designed to facilitate plowing during the snow season, continue through April 1.

City ordinance also prohibits on-street parking any time 2 or more inches of snow have accumulated, until after the street has been completely plowed. The 2-inch guideline applies to any hour of the day, any time of year.

The winter parking ordinance does not apply to private streets, only to public roadways. Residents who violate the ordinance will be ticketed. Be sure to tell relatives and guests who may visit your home about the winter parking restrictions, so they will not receive a citation either. 

Remove portable equipment
Residents should remove portable equipment, such as basketball hoops and skateboard ramps, from streets and cul-de-sacs. Woodbury ordinance prohibits placing recreational materials such as these in the streets, and they present a hazard to the plow operators and motorists alike.

Keep trash/recycling containers behind the curb
Trash and recycling containers placed in the streets can block traffic and impact the quality of plowing operations. If trash/recycling pickup day coincides with plowing activities, make sure your trash can and recycling bin are well behind the curb in the driveway so the plow will not hit them.

Check your mailbox
Check your mailboxes/posts and make any repairs necessary to ensure the structure can withstand the winter plowing season.

If your mailbox is struck by a plow truck, the city will repair or replace the mailbox, provided the mailbox featured a standard design that conforms to U.S. postal standard specifications for minimum height and setback. Mailboxes should be installed and maintained to withstand snow coming off the end of the plow.

More information on mailbox specifications

It is the resident’s responsibility to keep snow cleared away from mailboxes to improve accessibility for mail delivery.

Work together!
A little patience and a cooperative attitude are essential ingredients for getting through the winter plowing season. When residents, plowing contractors and city crews work together, we can reduce frustrations that sometimes accompany winter snowstorms. 

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Contact the Public Works Department at (651) 714-3720 or for more information.