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Enter the 19th annual photo contest sponsored by Woodbury Magazine

Grab your cameras and start snapping photos! The annual “Focus on Woodbury” photo contest is back! To help commemorate the city’s 50th anniversary, a new “Historical” category has been added for this year’s contest.

The competition, sponsored by Woodbury Magazine, drew 271 entries last year. It is open to all residents and employees of Woodbury businesses to submit their favorite photos.

Contest entries must be submitted online between Aug. 1 and Aug. 31.

Contest categories
Images can be placed into one of five categories:

  • People - people living, working and enjoying themselves in the community
  • Events - community gatherings, sporting events, etc.
  • Landmarks - businesses, buildings and cityscapes
  • Nature - plants, parks, animals in nature, natural landscapes
  • Pets - domestic animals
  • Historical - historical photos of life in Woodbury prior to 1967, the year the community became a city

Photos in these categories may include events in Woodbury, Woodbury architecture and buildings, natural scenes in Woodbury, and close-ups of Woodbury people and their domestic pets. The nature category includes photos of wildlife and/or nature scenes in Woodbury. The historical category includes photos taken in Woodbury prior to 1967, the year the community became a city.

Woodbury Magazine readers will have the opportunity to vote in September for the Readers’ Choice winner. 

Woodbury Magazine reserves the right to move a photo into a different category than specified on the entry form, if the judges deem it appropriate, or disqualify an image. 

How to enter
To enter, visit the Woodbury Magazine website between Aug. 1 and Aug. 31, select the “Focus on Woodbury” photo contest tab, and complete the short form with required fields. Each individual may submit a maximum of five entries, but no more than three in any one category.

See rules and guidelines

Winners of the “Focus on Woodbury” photo contest will be announced in early October and photos displayed online in September.