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Spring maintenance activities set to begin May 14

Woodbury’s Public Works Department has tentatively scheduled to begin spring maintenance activities in city neighborhoods on Monday, May 14.

Street Sweeping
Weather permitting, street sweeping will begin Monday, May 14, and continue for approximately five working days between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

When sweepers are in the neighborhood, all vehicles should be moved from the streets so the entire street can be cleaned. In addition, please be sure to place trash cans behind the curb on your scheduled trash pick-up day. Note that recreational items such as basketball hoops, hockey nets and skateboard ramps are not allowed in the street; please remove these items. See Chapter 24-Zoning, Section 24-281.D2 (Residential Districts) in the City Code for more information.

To increase the effectiveness of street sweeping, once the snow has melted, residents are encouraged to rake their yards so that any excess dirt and other materials can be picked up by the sweepers.

Street sweeping is done to remove debris, accumulated dirt and sand, and other material before it is washed into the storm sewer. Removing the material while it is still on the street is more efficient than removing this material from storm water ponds and helps protect water quality in city lakes and wetlands.

Hydrant Flushing
Provided the street sweeping proceeds as scheduled, hydrant flushing will begin the week of May 21. All Hydrants will be flushed to ensure the hydrants are operating properly. The project is expected to take about six weeks to complete, weather permitting.

Though flushing may occasionally discolor the water for a few minutes, it is safe to drink. Residents may want to check for signs of discoloration before using the water to wash clothes, particularly white clothes. Removing the screen on a faucet and letting the water run can help clear up the discoloration.

Residents are reminded that inclement weather may cause delay in spring maintenance activities.

Questions about spring maintenance activities can be directed to the Public Works Department, (651) 714-3720 or

Seasonal reminder: keep children away from stormwater ponds
Areas around stormwater ponds and stormwater structures are not designed for recreational activities. Parents and caregivers should discourage children from playing near ponds and structures.

The city has stormwater drainage structures scattered throughout the city. The gaps in these inlets and outlets are large enough to allow debris and water to flow properly; it is not a safe place for play. If you see children playing near these, please call 911.