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Market value notices set to hit mailboxes in March

Property value notices are expected to be mailed to property owners during the last week of March by Washington County. Like in previous years, the valuation notices will be mailed with property tax statements for taxes payable in 2021.

The "2021 Notice of Valuation and Classification for Taxes Payable in 2022" will indicate the market value established this year on Jan. 2. This market value is the approximate amount for which a property could sell and is the basis for your 2022 taxes. You can also look up this information online on the Washington County Property Records and Taxpayer Services website.

Determining Market Value
Each year, the county assessor's office reviews the assessed market value of all property to determine whether changes in the local real estate market require a change in assessed values. Real estate sales are verified and studied based on the location, age, and style of home and quality of construction to determine these market adjustments. 
If property owners question their 2021 estimated market value or classification listed on their "Notice of Valuation" form, they should:

  1. Contact the assessor's office. Property owners who have questions or concerns regarding the market value set for their property are encouraged to contact the property appraiser assigned to their area by calling 651-430-6175. The appraiser will review the property data and sales information with you and, if necessary, schedule an interior review of the property. A large majority of concerns can be resolved through this administrative review without the need for a formal appeal. 


    You may attend any of the two regional Open Book meetings scheduled by the county. Your appeal can be made in person, through a letter, or through a representative authorized by you. The Open Book process offers an informal setting for property owners as well as several scheduling options. 
  2. Appear before the County Board of Appeal and Equalization. Property owners who are not satisfied by speaking with the assessor's office or with the action taken at the Open Book meeting may appear before the County Board of Appeal, consisting of elected county commissioners, the county auditor, and/or appointed officials. You must contact the assessor's office at 651-430-6175 by Wednesday, May 5, to be placed on the agenda.
  3. Appeal to Minnesota State Tax Court. The alternative method of appeal is bypassing the first two steps listed above. It involves making an appeal directly to the Minnesota Tax Court. The deadline to appeal to the Minnesota State Tax Court is April 30 of the year that the taxes are due. That means if a property owner wishes to appeal taxes due in 2021, they must file an appeal with the court by April 30, 2021.  For more information, visit the tax court website at or call 651-539-3260.
If you have any questions regarding the appraisal process or the 2021 market value, contact the Washington County Assessor's Office at 651-430-6175 or visit the Washington County Assessor's Office website.

Open Book meetings set for market value appeals
Woodbury property owners can attend any of the following Open Book meetings to appeal their market value or property classification. All Open Book meetings will take place at the Washington County Government Center, located at 14949 62nd Street North in Stillwater, this year due to the pandemic and will only be held if conditions allow.

  • Wednesday, April 21, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Property owners who have questions or concerns are strongly encouraged to contact the property appraiser responsible for their area as a first step. The number to call is 651-430-6175.