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2018 Performance Scorecard available online

Since the mid-1990s, the City of Woodbury has published an annual performance report that provides more than 300 pieces of data on the performance of city services and operations. This data is assembled into an annual report that is presented to the Council and posted on the city website for public review. The Performance Scorecard is a summary of the city’s performance report and has been provided annually since 2011.

The purpose of the program is to provide the city with data for strategic planning, to provide the City Council with useful information to make decisions, to indicate areas of success or areas that are in need of improvement, and to provide accountability to the public by providing a more transparent government.

prepare - act - analyzePerformance Reporting in Action
How do city leaders know if services provided are meeting expected goals? How do residents know if city services are meeting quality expectations and being provided effectively? By measuring for results through performance reporting, the city continually strives to answer these questions.

In Woodbury, we not only track and report our performance data we analyze the data to then act. Critical to our process is using metrics that yield actionable information as well as conducting a biennial community survey. Data-driven decision-making is how Woodbury stays focused on its value of exceeding expectations.

2018 Performance Highlights

    • Commercial and residential growth remained strong in 2018. For several key metrics, as detailed in the full report, the city had positive results in 2018 with many exceeding five-year averages. Many metrics measuring the increasing amount of city infrastructure such as miles of streets, water mains, ponds, etc. also further demonstrate the city’s on-going growth and development. 
  • Snow Plow OperatorThe Public Works Department has seen increasing satisfaction with street repair and patching, as detailed in the full report, with 55 percent rating the services as excellent or good in 2019, up from 20 percent for 2015. For the fourth year in a row, the department also met its goal for completing routes in under eight hours for a full snow plowing event. This is notable given the number of events for the year and the amount of snow were both reported as the highest for the five-year period shown in the report. 
  • Within the Public Safety Department, emergency medical services demand continued to grow in 2018 while paramedic/ambulance response exceeded its response-time goal. The fire service response goal metric was not met again in 2018 and is under review as part of an on-going public safety staffing study. Crime data metrics per 1,000 residents were at their lowest for a five-year period.
  • The city continued to demonstrate a high commitment to its values in exceeding expectations and being professional, responsive leaders. Community survey results for 2019, included in the full report, showed survey respondents rating city staff and many services with high ratings. For example, police, fire and emergency medical services, as well as city parks, Eagle Valley Golf Course, HealthEast Sports Center and sanitary sewer services each received excellent or good ratings between 92 and 94 percent.
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