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Apply now for a discounted smart irrigation controller

Woodbury homeowners can sign up now to purchase a WaterSense-certified smart irrigation controller through the city at a discounted rate of $35 (retail value is $230).

Smart irrigation controllers can reduce water use by at least 20 percent without changing a lawn's appearance by watering only when it has not rained enough. The controllers connect through WiFi to access recent rainfall information and forecasts before turning on the irrigation system, provided the home's WiFi signal reaches the controller (often located in the garage).
Woodbury resident Doug Ahmann, a participant in last year's program, said he likes the expanded scheduling options offered through the new irrigation controller and the mobile app.

"We had a regular controller and the only automatic scheduling option was to set it to water every-other-day," Ahmann explained. "Well, some months end on an odd-numbered day (31) and begin on an odd-numbered day (1). On those months, I'd have to set a reminder for myself to turn off the system. I love that the city developed this program with the new devices. Now, I set the controller and forget about it. I'm sure it has lowered our water bills quite a bit. I like the idea of wasting less. It's a smarter way to do things."

Research done by the University of Minnesota has concluded that a smart controller can reduce a home's water use by 30 to 50 thousand gallons of water each year. These controllers can be operated through a smartphone or computer, and can be programmed with smart-home technology like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

In the last three years, more than 1,500 Woodbury residents purchased smart controllers through this program. Join your neighbors by purchasing a smart controller at this reduced rate before they are gone.

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Commercial and association-managed irrigation systems
Commercial and homeowners association properties with irrigation meters (using city water) are eligible to receive funding assistance for improvements that reduce water use.

Approved projects will receive 50 percent funding assistance up to $8,000 for one or more improvements such as: 

  • Upgrading your controller to be WaterSense certified
  • Adding weather-sensing technology
  • Replacing sprinkler heads with high efficiency models
  • Completing an audit
Property managers and board members should work with their irrigation contractor to decide what is right for their system. 

In the last two years, 46 properties participated in this program. Those interested in participating in the 2019 program must apply by Tuesday, April 30. Only projects accepted into the program will be eligible for funding. Improvements made in previous years are not eligible. Projects will be approved and applicants will be notified by May 15.

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Questions about irrigation programs? Contact the Engineering Department at 651-714-3593 or