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Watch for thin ice on Battle Creek and Colby Lakes

Thin ice and areas of open water may be found all winter on Battle Creek and Colby Lakes in Woodbury due to aeration systems operated by the city. The aeration systems circulate the water in the lakes to oxygenate them, keeping the fish alive through the winter.

The lakes were selected for aeration because their shallow depth results in low oxygen levels. All neighboring residents and recreational users of Battle Creek and Colby Lakes should note the location of the aeration systems and stay clear of the area posted for thin ice.

The aeration system in Colby Lake will be located in the southeast part of the lake near Edgewater Park. The aeration system in Battle Creek Lake will be operated adjacent to the fishing pier, north of the public access area in Shawnee Park. The perimeter of each aeration system will be posted with orange and white reflective signs that warn: "Danger - Thin Ice."

The aeration systems will be turned on in December, weather permitting, and remain in operation until the ice is out. For more information, call the Parks Division at 651-714-3720.