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Welcome to the City of Woodbury Planning Department
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About us:
The Planning Division conducts long-range planning for future growth in the city, reviews new development and redevelopment plans for compliance with ordinance standards and the Comprehensive Plan, and assists the Planning Commission in their review of zoning and site design of current development projects.

Staff also can be reached for questions regarding site inspections, sign permits, property setbacks or easements, future development opportunities, master plan, performance standards, ordinance interpretation and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Planning Division responds to inquiries from residents, developers, realtors and businesses about future planning efforts, growth trends, zoning regulations, development opportunities, demographics, and market conditions.

                                                      To reach us please email or call us at #651-714-3533.
Over the recent years, Woodbury has received numerous awards from different publications. These awards are a direct result of orderly, efficient development and attention to quality of life for all of our residents. The awards included,
                                            Logo green  2020 Best Places to Live, Number 9, Money Magazine                     
                     logo2018 Best Places to Live, Number 10, Money Magazinelogo2 2017 Best Place to Live in Minnesota, Money Magazine                                               
                     logo22016 Best Places to Live, Number 11, Money Magazinelogo2014 Best Towns for Families, Number 10, Family Circle                                             
                     logo 2014 Best Places to Live, Number 12, Money Magazinelogo2 2012 Best Places to Live, Number 11, Money Magazine                                           
                     logo22010 Best Places to Live, Number 13, Money Magazine logo 2010 Best Places to Live, Number 13, Money Magazine
Projects in 2021

Kindeva Drug Delivery Service

kindevaKindeva Projection
Ryan Companies has approval to construct a 136,200-square-foot office/warehouse/light industrial building to be located at the northeast corner of Hudson Road and Settlers Ridge Parkway. The building will accommodate corporate office and administrative spaces, laboratory and testing areas, clean manufacturing and production space, and warehouse/building support areas. The building is planned for 260 employees. The proposed tenant of the building, Kindeva, is a leading global contract development and manufacturing organization that specializes in solving complex drug delivery challenges for its

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