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Open Space Program

In 2005, then Woodbury's Mayor, Bill Hargis, was quoted as saying "Woodbury residents consistently rank the city's parks, trail system and recreational facilities as important amenities contributing to the quality of life..."

As the city continues to grow, the city has extended the original vision for parks and open spaces for the future.

1974 Referendum
The first Park Referendum, held in 1974, funded the purchase of park land and provided funds for partial development of the land and for construction of a park activity building in Ojibway Park.

1994 Referendum
In 1994, voters approved a $7.8 million referendum, which funded the construction of the field house and initial ice arena at Bielenberg Sports Center, improved neighborhood parks and the purchase of open space park land.

1998 Referendum
In 1998, voters approved a $5 million referendum, which funded the purchase of open space parcels, mainly in the rural areas of Woodbury.

2005 Referendum
In 2005, voters approved a $9 million referendum, of which $6 million was allocated to open space acquisition and $3 million allocated for athletic field expansion at Bielenberg Sports Center.