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Memorial Benches

Due to an overwhelming response to this program, we are not able to facilitate additional dedications at this time.

Memorial BenchMemorial Bench
All benches are 6 feet long, made of coated steel and are green in color. The support post is cemented into the ground.

The donor may request which park and which specific location within the park that they would like to see the bench placed. (Please note: The city has final approval of the exact location, taking into consideration utilities, maintenance, site conditions and park use.)

A 4” x 7” stainless steel plaque will be provided to purchaser. Purchaser shall be responsible for having the plaque engraved. The city retains the right to approve plaque wording.

All requests for memorials are approved by the City of Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department. After approval, city staff will contact you to finalize the request and the optimum location within the park for the bench to be placed.

Memorials must be paid for prior to the city placing an order for a bench and plaque. The city may limit the number of memorials at a particular location. The city accepts no liability for damage to memorials from vandals or third parties, or while performing maintenance activities. The city reserves the right to remove any memorials that have been damaged. Memorials and plague wording require city approval. No additional mementos shall be permitted at the memorial site. 

The timeline for installation of benches may vary. Donors are asked to help water the tree during its first growing season, if feasible. Other memorial donations are considered on an individual basis.

Cost of a bench includes tax, shipment and installation materials, (i.e. concrete for bench base). Costs incurred by the city include installation (labor and equipment).