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Field Closure Guidelines

The city may need to close fields from time to time for maintenance or to prevent damage due to frost, snow-cover or saturated ground. The most common cause of long term damage to outdoor fields is playing on them when they are too wet. 

It is not always this easy to make the decision to close fields. All decisions to close fields are done for player safety and to preserve season-long playability of the fields.

It is too wet to play if:
  • There is standing water on the field.
  • Your shoe leaves an imprint on the field.
The following is considered when making a decision about fields:
  • Field condition – conditions vary between fields and locations
  • Amount of precipitation received in past 24 hours
  • Forecast/radars
  • Moisture level within the fields
  • What activities are scheduled (Pee Wee soccer vs. adult soccer)
  • Time of the year (spring turf is delicate)
Weekday Closure Process

Field closure decisions for high school play will be made by noon and for youth organizations by 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If a closure is necessary, the city will:

Weekend Closure Process

If a fields need to be closed on the weekend, the city will alert on-call supervisors if fields are a concern. The on-call supervisor will contact the sport/tournament director.

If a closure is necessary, the city will:

Thank you for your cooperation in doing your part to help maintain the fields for the enjoyment of all!