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Lock/Knox Box Information

The City of Woodbury Public Safety Department recommends the use of the Knox Box lock box to gain entry into a building, if necessary.  The ability to access all occupancies within the jurisdiction eliminates the need for costly forced entry that may result in damage to property.

What is a Knox Box?
A Knox Box lock box is a high security box type system, designed to give emergency service workers immediate access to locked buildings.

Why should I install Knox Box?
Installation of a Knox Box on your building will not only allow Public Safety workers faster access in case of an emergency, but will also prevent expensive forcible entry should emergency services be required while the premises are unoccupied.  Costly front doors and entry ways needn’t be harmed if entry keys are available on-site.

How does the Knox Box system work?
A Knox Box is purchased from the factory and mounted securely on the exterior of your building.  All necessary access keys will be locked inside by a representative of the Public Safety Department; only the Public Safety Department’s master key can open the box.  Public Safety Master Keys are not carried by any one person of the Public Safety Department, but instead are kept locked inside a similar Knox Box on Public Safety apparatus for convenience and security. 

Who can purchase a Knox Box system?
An authorization to purchase a Knox Box can be done online by clicking on the order form link below and following the instructions. The Woodbury Public Safety Department has a unique authorization code assigned which will insure that your box is keyed to the Woodbury access key code. Each box is shipped without keys, locked in the open position and ready for mounting.

Knox Box Ordering Information

How should I install the box and where should it be mounted?
Each Knox box is shipped with complete mounting instructions, you should contact the Fire Marshal at 651-714-3552 to assist you in choosing a proper location for mounting. After installation is complete, the Fire Marshal will lock the appropriate keys needed inside the box. It is then ready to provide immediate access to emergency personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For further information regarding the Knox Box lock box system please contact the Fire Marshal at 651-714-3552.