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Historical Milestones

A Proud History

In 1942 Woodbury Township wrote the first fire protection agreement with ST Paul Park Fire Department to provide fire protection services. On June 8,1961 the Woodbury Fire Department was incorporated and began service Woodbury Township.  From then on, the department grew along with the city. In 1963, the first fire station on Upper Afton Road was built, with the City's first new fire apparatus being purchased in 1969. In 1970, the Woodbury Fire Department agreed to staff ambulance service for the Woodbury Ambulance council and 1979 saw the hiring of the first full-time fire employee.

A lot has changed for the Woodbury Fire Department. Today, Woodbury Fire/EMS is a division within Woodbury Public Safety and operates out of four stations strategically located throughout the city. Woodbury Fire/EMS employs a full-time Fire Chief, two full-time Fire/EMS Commanders, one full-time EMS Commander, and 18 full-time fire/EMS personnel, supported by 66 paid on-call firefighters/EMTs and 15 part-time paramedics. 

Woodbury Fire/EMS has a proud history of serving the community and citizens of Woodbury.  With over 5000 calls for service, the mission of Woodbury Fire/EMS is to serve all people with compassion and courage.