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Common Fire Code Violations

The following is a list of the most common fire code violations.   This list is intended as a guide to assist business owners in identifying common fire and life safety hazards.   it does not list all possible code requirements.


  • Exits are blocked, not operational or not properly placed.
  • Exit signs are not lit or are damaged.
  • Exit doors have unapproved locks on them.
  • Emergency lighting non-operational.
  • There are no address numbers on the exterior of the building.

Sprinkler/Fire Alarms

  • Fire department access is blocked.
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler systems are not tested annually.
  • The fire department connection is not accessible. 
  • Sprinkler system not supplying proper coverage.
  • Fire alarm system not properly monitored.

Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire extinguishers are not properly placed and/or serviced annually.

Electrical Hazards

  • Extension cords are used as permanent power.
  • Electrical receptacles and switches are damaged or missing cover plates.
  • Storage is placed in front of electrical panels.

Miscellaneous Hazards

  • No MSDS sheets available for hazardous materials on site. 
  • Fire wall separations are damaged or are not in place.
  • Hold open devices are placed on required fire doors.