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Pressure-regulated Sprinkler Heads

High water pressure is great in the shower, but it can lead to water loss and maintenance issues in an irrigation system - leading to increased evaporation, more water carried away with the wind, and less water getting to your grass. This causes poor coverage and some areas of your lawn will be over watered, while others are under watered. The right pressure for your sprinklers will result in using less water for a healthier lawn.

Different types of sprinklers work best with different levels of pressure.

Type of sprinkler  Spray sprinkler  Rotor sprinkler  
Correct pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI)  30 PSI 45 PSI 
Most commonly found  Side yards, small areas  Front and backyards, large areas 
Image spray sprinker
Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries
rotor sprinkler
Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries

When switching your original sprinklers with pressure regulated ones, you could save an average of 32,000 gallons per year! That’s enough to fill 320 bathtubs!

Inspect sprinklers once a month
A simple look at your irrigation system can help save you water and money. Watch your system run once each month during the summer, pick a day of the month and stick to it.

Think it’s time for improvements? Calculate annual water savings for your property- download the calculator and enter your information.

If you would like more information about pressure regulated sprinklers, contact your sprinkler supplier, home improvement store, landscaping supply store, or the Woodbury Public Works Department at 651-714-3720 or

MnTAP Report
In 2018, the city partnered with the University of Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) to conduct a study on pressure regulating sprinkler heads. See the full report in the 2018 MnTAP Solutions Report.