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Traffic and Signals

To determine when and if traffic signals may be needed (warranted), traffic engineers compare existing conditions against nationally accepted minimum guidelines - often called "warrants". When these warrants are met a traffic signal may be considered for installation. There are no requirements that a signal must be installed. There are normally multiple intersections that meet warrants that compete for available funding to be considered for possible installation.

Traffic signals, like most things mechanical, will require periodic maintenance. One of the most common maintenance items is the changing of bulbs. If you observe a bulb out or what you perceive as a traffic signal malfunction please contact the city.

Timing of all traffic signals located on County State Aid Highways (CSAH) is under the jurisdiction of Washington County. If you have a timing concern for signals located on county roads, please contact Washington County at (651) 430-4300 or email To report any signals needing maintenance call (651) 714-3720 or email

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