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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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As Woodbury continues to grow and becomes more diverse, fostering an inclusive and welcoming community is paramount to the city’s continued success. It is important that everyone feels welcome, safe and connected in the community.

The city also is committed to providing the best public service possible to people of all backgrounds. To help, city staff is gaining a better understanding of all forms of diversity through a number of programs:

  • A select number of staff actively represented Woodbury at Minnesota Government Alliance on Racial Equity programs throughout 2016 and 2017.
  • A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion employee committee was formed to focus on improving internal processes and policies so that an employee (or prospective employee) is not limited by their identity under a protected class. The group’s goal is to increase diversity in the organization by making the city organization a welcoming, attractive and inclusive organization for all people.
  • The city deliberately seeks input from people from all groups of life in the community. This is done, in part, through a collaboration with Nexus Community Partners.
Racial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Woodbury Infographic 

These activities will continue to change and grow over time, along with the community.

Woodbury embraces its growing diversity and has decades of experience adapting to change, having evolved from a quiet, largely agricultural community in the 1960s, into a bustling, diverse, economic hub of the East Metro today.

It is important to retain and enhance all the great qualities and characteristics that have attracted so many people to Woodbury in the first place, while also realizing that “community” means something different to everyone.

Inclusive and Welcoming Community Partnership Plan

Diversity in the Woodbury Police Department
The City of Woodbury has been building strategies to recruit and hire more diverse candidates for positions across the city. It is our firm belief that a diverse workforce creates a better spirit of community, shared ideas and increased creativity. By implementing open and inclusive employment practices and policies, our hope is to attract and retain talented staff from all groups and help us respond appropriately to changing needs and goals in the community.

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